Do I have to pray at the vigil site or can I pray from home?

The centrepoint of the 40 Days for Life campaign is the prayer vigil outside the Bowen Hills Train Station. We encourage a positive, prayerful presence near the abortion facility to show God’s love and mercy to those who visit and work at the abortion centres. While we can all pray at home (and we encourage everyone to do so), this is a time for us to show our community that we want the pain that abortion causes to families to end. This approach avoids shouting, confrontation with patients and employees, and the use of graphic abortion images. It is not convenient or comfortable to stand near the abortion facility, but our prayerful presence is a powerful witness to those that pass by. This is the approach that we have been led to embrace through our own prayer, fasting and spiritual discernment. In campaigns in more than 300 cities on five continents, this effort has produced positive, measurable results (for more information see ).

Can I pray at any abortion clinic?

We used to pray outside the “Dr Marie” Marie Stopes International (formerly Planned Parenthood of Australia) abortion mill at 8 Campbell St., Bowen Hills, Brisbane. To observe the new Termination of Pregnancy Act, our prayer vigil is now held at 20 Abbotsford Rd., Bowen Hills which is over 150m away. Marie Stopes/PPoA is the largest abortion provider in Australia.

How much time do you need from me?

Ideally we are looking for a commitment of at least a few hours a week from every vigil participant. It would be great if you could commit to a regular time (such as every Tuesday morning from 10am - 12pm) as the consistency it helps with our vigil schedule. However, we understand that not everyone can make such a commitment and we welcome people to attend the vigil when it bests suits them (even if it’s just once!). Also, we encourage family groups, young adults groups and church groups to commit to a regular or once off large time slot (such as Saturday 9-3pm). This is a great opportunity to come together for an important cause.

Is there street parking and transport nearby?

There is some limited street parking on side streets. Please be aware of the 2 hour parking limit in this area. You could also easily use the Bowen Hills train station or bus to get to the vigil site.

Do we have to talk to women going into the clinic?

Our primary aim is to have a peaceful, prayerful vigil. However, if someone appears as if they need assistance or someone to talk to, you are welcome to speak to them and direct them to organisations that can provide them with counselling, support and emergency accommodation (Eg. Priceless Life Centre and Pregnancy Crisis Inc.). It is always good to have at least one pregnancy support pamphlet or card with you so that you are prepared if you encounter a woman in distress. If you would like us to send you some resources please let us know.

What do I do if I get approached by someone pro-abortion or employees of Marie Stopes International?

We have been provided a permit by Queensland Police for a peaceful, prayerful vigil. Our permit states that we are not to enter private property without permission, impede or unnecessarily delay traffic into or leaving the premises, or use loud hailers, amplifiers or amplified systems. Please see our website or contact us for a copy of our police permit. In regards to responding to heckling and abuse, we do not recommend entering into debate with someone unless you feel comfortable. The simple response of, “We are praying for the men, women and babies affected by abortion” will suffice. In most cases all we can do is pray for those people who are often hurting. If you feel physically unsafe we do not recommend that you stay at the vigil site and are encouraged to call the local police and our campaign coordinator.

When does the vigil start and end?

The vigil starts at 12:01 am Wednesday 22nd February (Ash Wednesday) and concludes 11:59pm Sunday 2nd April 2023 (Palm Sunday). This is exactly 40 days. This will be a 24 hour a day non-stop vigil. We NEED your help to make this happen!

Is this just a Catholic thing?

One of the special things about this campaign is that it unites people of all faiths. Defending the defenseless is a Jesus “thing”. When He confronted and challenged the culture of first century Israel, He was responding to the exploitation of the poor, vulnerable, and defenseless. Jesus was concerned enough to involve Himself socially.

EVERYONE is welcome to take part in this peaceful, prayerful vigil. We have Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Pentecostals etc. being a part of this vigil because the right to protect life stretches across all denominational boundaries.

Why 40 Days?

Our 40 Days for Life is linked to the worldwide effort: see . They have set the time period and the start and conclusion of the vigil.  The campaign parallels Biblical history, where God used 40-day periods to transform individuals, communities and the entire world.  From Noah in the flood to Moses on the mountain to the disciples after Christ’s resurrection, it is clear that God sees the transformative value of His people accepting and meeting a 40-day challenge.

I want to be part of the vigil! Do I just turn up whenever during the 40 days?

That’s FANTASTIC that you feel called to be part of the vigil! However, we need two things from you before you can get going: - Sign our “Statement of Peace” that states you are committed to be peaceful and prayerful - Commit to a timeslot on our “Vigil Schedule” These can both be done easily online here or at

How can I learn more about your campaign before I sign up for the vigil?

We hold an information evening in the form of a Wine and Cheese night several weeks before our campaign kicks off which is a great opportunity to learn more about what 40 Days for Life is all about and meet other supporters from all over Brisbane. We also hold an opening and closing event to come together to pray, encourage and share experiences. Our events are advertised in our emails and on our website.

How should I pray when I’m at the vigil?

Prayer is a personal thing so we do not want to tell you how to pray at the vigil. Those that are Catholic tend to spend time praying the Rosary, while others read through the 40 Days prayer devotional (which can be downloaded from our website) or simply pray for all those that pass by. Please help us create a welcoming environment for all denominations and remain respectful of each other’s preferred style of prayer.

I would like to pray at the vigil, but not alone. What should I do?

Please let us know if you wish to pray at the vigil site with someone else and we can connect you with another supporter at a time that suits you. Alternatively, you can view our vigil calendar online and attend the vigil at a time when someone else is rostered on.

Is it safe to pray at the vigil site at night?

Over all the years that our vigil has taken place we have not had any problems at night. While we do ask that participants don’t pray alone at night, there is a constant steady flow of traffic and the local police pass by regularly. Some vigil sites in other cities have limited their hours at night as their location is not safe. Although we often have large gaps in our schedule during the night, we have chosen to remain 24hr as it not only demonstrations our commitment to praying for life but also allows for flexibility for those who work different hours.

How will the public know that it’s a prayer vigil?

Sometimes when participants are praying at the vigil site they worry that no one knows what they are doing there. This is our 15th year of holding a prayer vigil at that site and we are confident that most locals (and truck drivers) know why we are there. Until there are zero gaps in our vigil schedule we are not in a position to have a permanent A-frame or poster set up. However, we sell shirts, hats and umbrellas with our logo on it which participants are invited to purchase at our rallies. We also have some A3 sized posters that you are welcome to use (eg. leaning against fence) but we want our focus to be on prayer rather than waving a sign. Every year we hear encouraging stories about meaningful conversations that are started when passers-by enquired about our presence there. There’s also no doubt that our presence each year (through the heat and rain) sparks hundreds of conversations in the cars that pass by the busy train station. More people thinking about and sharing their views on this taboo topic is a good thing!

How is the Brisbane 40 Days for Life Campaign funded?

Our yearly Brisbane campaign is funded through generous contributions from supporters and the sale of merchandise (shirts, hats, umbrellas, pens etc). This money raised goes towards expenses such as application fees, printing and insurance. We would greatly appreciate any financial support. If you would like to make a donation towards our campaign please contact us or see our website for details.

How can I help promote this campaign?

We have flyers and other promotional resources that you can download from our website and share with your church, friends and family. We can also send you hard copies of resources and speak at your church- just let us know! Ultimately we have found the most effective form of promotion is word of mouth- so encourage a friend to join you!

How do I get more information?

Please email or call us and leave a message on our answering machine at (07) 3149 3289. You can also find more information on our website and our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you!

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